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With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to quality, our charcoal is the preferred choice for taverns, restaurants, catering services, street food vendors, and more across Cyprus.


  • High-Quality Hardwood: Charcoal from Namibia is typically produced from high-quality hardwood species, such as Acacia and Mopane.
  • Long-Burning: Namibian charcoal is known for its long-burning properties, providing a consistent and sustained heat source for cooking.
  • Minimal Smoke and Sparks: It produces minimal smoke and sparks, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor restaurant settings.
  • Imparts Distinct Flavor: Namibian charcoal imparts a unique, mild smoky flavor to grilled food, enhancing the taste profile.
  • Specification 40mm-120mm
  • Packaging options 7kg, 10kg


  • Traditional Charcoal Production: Cuban charcoal is often made using traditional methods, such as carbonizing dense fruitwoods like marabou or mesquite.
  • Intense Heat: Cuban charcoal is known for its ability to generate intense heat quickly, which is beneficial for high-temperature cooking and searing.
  • Authentic Caribbean Flavor: It imparts a distinct, authentic Caribbean flavor to grilled dishes, adding a smoky and robust taste element.
  • Suitable for Traditional Cuban Cuisine: Cuban charcoal is especially favored for cooking traditional Cuban dishes, such as roasted pork (lechon) and grilled seafood.
  • Specification 35mm-150mm
  • Packaging options 5kg, 12kg


  • Dense Hardwoods: Charcoal from Venezuela is typically produced from dense hardwood species, such as Quebracho and Guayacan.
  • Long-Lasting Burn: Venezuelan charcoal is known for its long-lasting burn time, making it suitable for slow-cooking and extended grilling sessions.
  • High Heat Retention: It retains heat well, allowing for consistent and even cooking temperatures.
  • Ideal for Grilling Steaks: Venezuelan charcoal is particularly favored for grilling steaks, as it can produce high searing temperatures and impart a smoky flavor.
  • Specification 40mm-170mm
  • Packaging options 7kg, 12kg


  • Sustainable Sourcing: Charcoal from Africa is often produced using sustainable practices, such as harvesting from managed forests and plantations.
  • Hardwood Varieties: African charcoal is sourced from a range of hardwood species, including Iroko, Obeche, and African Mahogany.
  • Clean Burning: It typically burns with minimal smoke and odor, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor cooking environments.
  • Versatile for Various Cuisines: African charcoal is versatile and can be used for a wide range of cuisines, including grilling, smoking, and slow cooking.
  • Specification 30mm-180mm
  • Packaging options 5kg, 10kg


  • Made from Fruitwoods: Egyptian charcoal is commonly made from fruitwood species like lemon, providing a unique flavor profile.
  • Fast Ignition: It is known for quick and easy ignition, reducing the wait time before cooking.
  • Balanced Heat: Egyptian charcoal offers a balanced heat output, allowing for precise control over cooking temperatures.
  • Ideal for Kebabs and Grilled Vegetables: Due to its flavor profile and heat characteristics, Egyptian charcoal is often preferred for cooking kebabs and grilling vegetables.
  • Specification 40mm-140mm
  • Packaging options 5kg, 10kg

Indonesia sawdust briquettes

  • High-Quality Raw Materials: Sawdust briquettes from Indonesia are typically made from high-quality, natural wood sawdust sourced from sustainable forestry practices.
  • Consistent Heat Output: These briquettes offer a reliable and consistent heat output, ensuring even cooking temperatures for professional restaurant applications.
  • Long Burn Time: Indonesian sawdust briquettes are known for their extended burn time, providing a sustained heat source that is beneficial for longer cooking sessions.
  • Low Smoke and Odor: These briquettes produce minimal smoke and odor, creating a pleasant and comfortable environment for both chefs and diners.
  • Fast Ignition: Indonesian sawdust briquettes ignite quickly and easily, reducing the waiting time before cooking and improving operational efficiency in professional kitchens.
  • Versatility: They are suitable for various cooking methods, including grilling, smoking, and barbecuing, making them versatile for a wide range of restaurant cuisines.
  • Eco-Friendly: Indonesian sawdust briquettes are often manufactured using environmentally friendly processes and sustainable raw materials, aligning with the growing demand for eco-conscious products in the restaurant industry.
  • Authentic Flavor: These briquettes impart a distinct smoky flavor to grilled and smoked dishes, enhancing the taste profile of the prepared food and adding an authentic touch to the culinary experience.
  • Specification with a hole in the center
  • Packaging Options: 10kg carton box

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