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BBQ Fanatics Pack

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FREE GIFT:  Oil Spray Can 220ml  & BBQ Wire Brush (Value €14,20)

The package includes:

  • x3 Briquettes Pillow Pyrsos 4Kg
  • Grill Fanatics BBQ Rookbox
  • x3 Wood Chips (Assorted)
  • Thermometer Grill Fanatics


Unleash the ultimate BBQ experience with our BBQ Fanatics Pack! This curated bundle includes three 4kg Pyrsos Briquette Pillows for a long-lasting burn, a Grill Fanatics BBQ Rookbox to infuse your meats with that irresistible smoky flavor, a trio of Wood Chips (assorted) for varied and rich taste profiles, and a Grill Fanatics Thermometer to ensure your creations are cooked to perfection.