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Bionol Outdoor 700ml

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Powerful multi-cleaner and degreaser, specially designed for outdoor spaces and beyond.

The ultimate BBQ cleaner

Bionol Outdoor is the ideal product for the effective cleaning of grills and internal parts of your BBQ or grill. Thanks to its special composition, it sticks to the dirt while increasing its activity while it remains, giving you the possibility to spray all the corners, effectively and easily cleaning all the external and internal parts of your grill.

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Bionol Outdoor is the ideal product for use outdoors, for all the difficult dirt and pollutants that one faces every day in a big city and in the countryside. Use without fear on terraces, walls, awnings, shutters, BBQ, plastic garden furniture, pet houses, car rims, boats etc., but also inside the house as it easily and quickly cleans any difficult and greasy dirt.