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Charcoal Variety Pack

69,00 inc VAT

FREE GIFT: Pyrsos Barbeque On the Go (Value €15,00)

The pack includes:   

  • x2 Professional Charcoal Namibia 10kg  
  • x2 Charcoal Packages 5kg  
  • Lemon Tree Charcoal 4kg
  • Briquettes Pillow Pyrsos 4kg  
  •  Pyrsos Non-stick Grill Basket 58X40X30 cm  


Pyrsos offers a series of different charcoals… With the Charcoal Variety Pack you may try them, depending on what and how you will be grilling! In addition to the charcoal, the package includes a 58X40X30 Non-Stick Grill Basket and a FREE On the Go BBQ grill.