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Birch kindling in nets 4kg

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Kiln dried hardwood firewood offers a solid fuel solution that is ideal for use on stoves, open fires and chimineas. READYBLAZE Kiln dried Hardwood logs are all under 20% moisture level and they provide a superior performance as the lower moisture ensures the best possible volume/heat ratio, resulting in little fumes or emissions from burning. This pack offers mixed hardwood in a handy carry home box, perfect quality in the most environmentally friendly packaging.

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Ideal for stoves, open fires and chimineas
Kiln dried to under 20% moisture giving the best possible volume/heat ratio, which means little fumes or emissions from burning these logs
Produced from PEFC certified resources
High quality consistent performance
Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ accredited product
Handy carry home environmentally friendly box